Guide To Build An Obstacle Avoiding Robot

In this tutorial, I will show you a simple project about an Obstacle Avoiding Robot. Robotics is so much interesting and fast-growing field. In the field of engineering science, the applications of robotics are increasing with technology.

There are many types of robotic technology like AI-based, self-controlling, and humanoid controlled. An Obstacle Avoiding Robot is a type of self-controlling autonomous robot that can avoid collisions with unexpected obstacles.

It is a non-microcontroller based robot that uses IR proximity sensors to avoid collisions.

Circuit Diagram

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Components Required

  • L298 Motor Driver
  • IR Proximity Sensor
  • BO Motor
  • Wheel
  • Chasis
  • 9V Battery

Circuit Connection

In the above obstacle avoiding robot project, we used an L298N motor driver. So at the beginning of the connection, the left and right motor’s both wires are connected respectively to the left and right terminal block of the L298N driver.

12V positive terminal and the negative terminal of the L298N driver are directly connected to the respective 12V DC power supply.

A 5V positive supply will be also distributed from the 5V supply terminal of the l298 driver. 

After that, the positive and negative terminal of both the IR proximity sensor module will be connected to positive 5V and negative supply of the L298N driver.

Finally, the output terminals of both IR sensors are directly connected to input pin 1 and pin 3 of the L298N driver respectively.

Working of Obstacle Avoiding Robot

After finishing the assembling of the obstacle avoiding robot, connect 9V battery via battery clip. When this is established, the robot will automatically start moving through the unstructured path without hitting any objects. 

When the left IR sensor senses any object on its way, it turns its wheel to the right until the sensor stops sensing. Similarly, when the right IR sensor senses object, it turns left. If both the sensors sense object, then the robot will stop moving.

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