Automatic Plant Irrigation System Using NE555 Timer

Are you looking for an Automatic Plant Irrigation System? Well, you are in the right article. Nowadays, watering crops are a normal problem in the agriculture field. It is happening because farmers lack ideas about the availability of technologies. They lose their precious time pumping water to spread the entire field until it gets properly watered. We also know people always forget to pour water onto the garden soil during vacation. As a result, there is a high chance plants get damaged.

Here is a simple and valuable project where an automatic plant irrigation system is done that can be used in farming as well as in the home garden. This has also the ability to reduce overwatering which can prevent plants from dying. Proper irrigation systems are also needed to control the shortage of reserved water due to the lack of rain. So automatic irrigation systems can waive this water shortage.

Principle Behind Automatic Plant Irrigation System

We all know that soil has high resistance when it is dry and low resistance when it is wet. With this simple concept, we make this automatic plant irrigation system.

This irrigation system can sense the moisture from the soil and send a signal to the pump machine to pump the water and spread the whole field. And after getting the required moisture from the ground, it sends another signal to the pump to stop watering.

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Automatic Plant Irrigation System

Circuit Diagram

automatic plant irrigation system

Components Required

  • NE555 Timer IC (x2)
  • 74HC04 Hex Inverter
  • 1MΩ Potentiometer
  • 1N4007 P-N Diode
  • 1N4148 Zener Diode
  • 12V Relay
  • SK100 Transistor
  • Resistor (4.7KΩ, 8.2KΩ, 27KΩ)
  • 47μF/25V Capacitor
  • 100μF/25V Capacitor
  • 10μF/25V Capacitor
  • 0.01μF Ceramic Capacitor (x2)
  • 9V Battery

Circuit Design Using PCB Software

To make the circuit compact and give a professional look, I designed the PCB after testing all the features of the automatic plant irrigation system on the breadboard. I will explain in detail how we can design and order PCB for our project.

automatic plant irrigation system pcb

For the Gerber file check out this link automatic plant irrigation system PCB Gerber file.

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Working Principle of Automatic Plant Irrigation System

The working principle of this project is very easy. First, we insert two probes in the soil. These probes conduct current when the soil is wet and stop conducting when the soil is dry. So when these two probes do not conduct any current while this system detects this situation with the help of 7404 gate ic. This will become high when the input is low.

The first NE555 timer will be triggered by the gate IC. Then the first NE555 timer triggers the second one which is connected to the output of the first NE555 timer. The second NE555 timer which is configured as an astable mode will help to switch on the pump. This 555 timer ic allows the water to flow to the soil.

After getting the soil fully wet, the probes start conducting current again. Then the output of the 7404 ic becomes low, i.e. zero, which makes the first 555 timer ic becomes low. The last remaining circuit belongs to a low condition. So, the pump is automatically switched off.

Advantages of Automatic Plant Irrigation System

  • The most effective advantage of this system is that it conserves water in critical situations. When the plant needs water then it can provide the right amount of water.
  • The water can spread directly where it is exactly needed.
  • An automated shutdown power system can help the pump not to do overwatered.
  • An automatic plant irrigation system can save time for gardeners.
  • It can protect the soil ecosystem.

Application of Automatic Plant Irrigation System

  • It can be used to measure the loss of moisture in the soil due to evaporation or lack of water.
  • An automatic plant irrigation system helps to save water by reducing unnecessary water waste.
  • It looks after the plant when the owner is on vacation.

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