DIY 4558 IC Subwoofer Bass Circuit

In this project, I will build a 4558 IC-based bass booster circuit for low power audio amplifier. Audio without beats is impossible. To make an audio system with a bass feature ability, I introduced a bass booster circuit that gives a clear bass without any disturbance.

Bass sound is a very low-frequency sound that is generated by a low-pass filter circuit. It can block high frequency and produce low-frequency output. After going to build this circuit first we should know about the Low-Pass filter.

What is a Low Pass Filter?

4558 ic low pass filter circuit

A low-pass filter (LPF) circuit is a filter that passes signals with a frequency lower than a selected cut-off frequency and attenuates signals with frequencies higher than the cut-off frequency. The exact frequency response of the filter depends on the filter design. The filter is sometimes called a high-cut filter, or treble-cut filter in audio applications. A low-pass filter is the complement of a high-pass filter.

For more information just check Passive Low-Pass Filter

Note: If you want to plan to imply this 4558 ic circuit for bass and treble both, then this is not the right circuit. It only gives bass as its output.

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4558 IC Pinout

4558 ic pinout

4558 IC Pin Configuration

1OUT11 no. output pin
2IN1-1 no. inverting input pin
3IN1+1 no. non-inverting pin
4GNDground pin of op-amp
5IN2+2 no. non-inverting pin
6IN2-2 no. inverting input pin
7OUT22 no. output pin
8VCCPositive power supply

Features and Characteristics of 4558 IC

  • Two individually operated op-amps
  • Low noise interference among op-amps
  • Continuous Short-Circuit Protection
  • No frequency Compensation Required
  • No latch-up
  • Large common mode and differential voltage range
  • Gain and phase match between amplifiers
  • Low noise input transistors
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
  • Parameter tracking over a temperature range
  • CMRR (Common-Mode Rejection Ratio): 80dB
  • Single Supply Operation: +5.0 V to +15 V
  • Dual Supply Operation: +15V and -15V
  • Operating temperature: 0ºC to 70ºC
  • Total power dissipation: 200mW

For more about 4558 IC check out LM4558 Dual Op-Amp

Circuit Diagram

4558 ic bass booster circuit

Components Required

  • 4558 IC
  • 0.1uF/100V Capacitor
  • 1uF/25V Capacitor
  • 100KΩ Potentiometer
  • 22KΩ Resistor
  • 100KΩ Resistor
  • 12-0-12V (1-3 Amp) Transformer

For implementing this circuit to a high-frequency audio amplifier, then a TDA2030 amplifier is the best DIY TDA2030 Audio Amplifier.

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  1. Ground connection is clearly visible on the bottom. This is an op-amp. So you need two 12v supplies in series where positive terminal need to connect to pin 8, then joint connection of both power supply needs to connect in ground and the rest of the ground terminal needs to connect to the ground of the op-amp.

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