LM358 IC Pin Configuration And Applications In 2023

What is an LM358 IC? 

The LM358 op-amp IC, introduced by a national semiconductor, is a low-power dual op-amp IC which is easy to use. This is designed specially to operate a wide range of voltages by a single power supply. The applications of this op-amp are conventional op-amp circuits, DC gain blocks, and transducer amplifiers. It is a standard operational amplifier and it is suitable for use in mini-projects. It can handle up to 3V to 32V DC supply & current up to 20 mA per channel. It can operate two separate op-amps for a single power supply. It is available in an 8-pin DIP package.

LM358 Pinout

This IC consists of 8 pins whose functions are

  • Pin 1 and pin 8 are the outputs of this op-amp 
  • Pin 2 and pin 6 are inverting inputs 
  • Pin 3 and pin 5 are non-inverting inputs 
  • Pin 4 is ground 
  • Pin 8 is VCC/positive power supply


The features of the LM358 IC are:

  • It consists of two op-amps internally
  • frequency compensated for gain 
  • Its maximum voltage gain is 100 dB 
  • Its wide bandwidth is 1MHz 
  • The range of wide power supplies includes a single and dual power supply 
  • The range of a single power supply is 3V to 32V 
  • The range of dual power supplies is (+/-) 1.5V to (+/-) 16V 
  • The supply current drain is very low, 500 μA 
  • 2mV low input offset voltage 
  • Common-mode input voltage range comprises the ground 
  • The power supply voltage and differential input voltages are similar 
  • The output voltage swing is large


LM358 IC-based Dark Sensor Circuit: This darkness detector sensor operates with the principle of IC LM358 with a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). In the circuit, If the light stops falling on the LDR, then the IC turns on the LED immediately. 

LM358 IC-based Shock Alarm Circuit: Another popular LM358 IC-based circuit is a shock alarm circuit that is used for home to automobiles. The application of this circuit is an anti-theft alarm. In this circuit, a piezoelectric sensor is used as a sensor, that has to fix where you need to install it. LM358 is connected as an inverting Schmitt trigger. When the piezo sensor is not activated, the output of the sensor will be low. When the piezo sensor is triggered, then the output of the sensor goes high and activates the Schmitt trigger. Then the buzzer sound beeps as an alarm.


  • Two operational amplifiers are compensated internally 
  • Removes the necessity of dual supplies 
  • Allows direct sensing 
  • This is the concept all about this popular and rare IC which is easy to use. I
  • will show you furthermore applications for this op-amp in the future.

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