Smart Electronic Voting Machine Using Arduino

In this project, we will be going to build a simple Electronic Voting Machine using an Arduino LCD display. The main motive of this project is to design an electronic voting machine that will help to pull up the fraudulent manual voting systems and prior versions of electronic voting.

The device is integrated with a number of switches where A, B, C, D, and so on are the number of political parties. The voter will be allowed to choose their preferred candidate from the listed buttons. The final voting result will then be displayed on an LCD screen for the satisfaction of voters. Using the result button, the result will be automatically calculated.

Principle Behind The Electronic Voting Machine

In this project, we have used four push buttons for up to four political parties in the election. You can increase the number of candidates as per requirement. When anyone presses any of the four buttons the predefined respecting voting value will be increment by one each time. Rest of the voting process, we can see the final result by pressing the result button.


Circuit Diagram

Electronic Voting Machine Circuit Diagram

Components Required

  • Arduino UNO
  • 16×2 LCD Display
  • I2C LCD Module
  • Push Buttons (x5)
  • Connection Wire
  • Breadboard
  • 5V Power Supply

Circuit Connection

Arduino Pin16×2 LCD I2C Pin

PCB Design

After designing the schematic diagram of the Electronic Voting Machine circuit, the assembled components and wiring are too clumsy and looked very unprofessional. In fact, the wiring also has a chance of loose connection. To give it a clean and professional look and also to compress the size, I decided to build its PCB prototype using EasyEDA software as it is so simple to use. Now come to the main part, where we need to order our PCB prototype. I always prefer PCBWay for their quality assurance, fastest delivery and also for 24/7 customer support.

PCB View

Electronic Voting Machine 2D View
2D View
Electronic Voting Machine 3D View
3D View

Why I Choose PCBWay as My First Preference?

I’ve done several runs with PCBWay and am happy with the results, it’s good quality. It is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturing companies based in China with an experience of more than a decade in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication. PCBWay has always been committed to technological innovation and meeting the needs of their customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests. The etching, solder mask, and hole sizes are all done well and that is what matters to me. It takes a few hours for a design for approved and then a couple of days to finish and ship.

With more than a decade in the field of PCB prototypes and fabrication, PCBWay has proved its assurance from time to time. They always look at the customer’s needs from different regions in terms of quality, on-time delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests.

PCBWay Gold Finish
PCBWay Thickness

These PCBs were manufactured by PCBWay and the finish quality really impressive, especially with the gold finish path. If you want to finish your product faster you could also ask PCBWay to make a panelized order where you receive multiple PCBs in a single panel. With this, you will also receive SMT Stencil from PCBWay, saving you time and effort. All the orders are high quality and could select a lot of settings such as thickness, flexible PCB, the colour of the solder masks, the number of layers, material, surface finish and more.

PCBWay different types of solder masks

How to Order PCB from PCBWay?

Working Principle of The Electronic Voting Machine

For the microcontroller, we chose the Arduino atmega328p microcontroller for our project. This is the heart and brain of this system. Arduino processes the complete voting process like reading the exact button, incrementing the value, generating a result, and sending the vote quantity and result to the LCD Display.

Here we have added five buttons that are assigned to candidate A, candidate B, candidate C, and candidate D, and the fifth button is used for calculating or displaying the result.

Arduino Code

To run and compile the below code you have to install this library to the Arduino IDE software.

LiquidCrystal I2C Library

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